Nursing Home of HRH is a beautiful complex situated on a hillock. The Nursing Home of Hindu Rao Hospital has 48 well furnished rooms comprising of four floors. Each floor has 12 rooms of which 6 are air-conditioned and 6 air-cooled. Each room has a separate pantry, toilet and a balcony. There are seven rooms on the first floor reserved as non-paying rooms. These rooms have been earmarked for certain categories of people like Freedom Fighters, Serving officers of MCD, Accredited Press Personnel, Retired MCD employees, Working doctors of MCD, Nursing staff of Hindu Rao Hospital, Student nurses of Hindu Rao Nursing School.

Room allotment in Nursing Home is done strictly on First come and first served basis depending upon the availability of rooms

The basement houses the administrative block of NH, store rooms, electricity supervise room, a lecture theatre, holistic health counselling cum OPD room and a relaxation therapy room. It meets the needs of the patients and provides comfort at a reasonable cost. It is looked after around the clock by a Senior M.O.I/C. with the help of Jr. Doctors. The treating doctor visits Nursing Home at least 2 times a day.

Patients from all- the specialty are admitted in nursing home by their respective unit heads. NH is well equipped with its staff round the clock and has emergency facilities for the patients. Apart from best medical care provided by our consultants, the aim of the place is to provide Holistic Health to our patients i.e. healing the mind through positive thinking.

The rooms in the Nursing Home are very economical and comparable to any other Govt. setup. No visiting fee is charged for the doctor?s consultation. Lab, x- ray, ECG, USG. CT Scan facilities are available round the clock at very economical rates. Physiotherapy services unlike other hospitals are provided free of cost. Dialysis and Endoscopy facilities are available at very nominal charges.